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identity + brand

The essence of every business is represented by its corporate identity. What you do and why you do it is what it’s really all about.

Every touchpoint a customer has should reinforce your message - business cards, websites, packaging, literature, blogs, signage - all have to tell the consistent story of who you are, what you do and why you do it. This is your brand and it must be reinforced with every opportunity.

print + packaging

Our age of green may be reducing the amount of printed pieces being made but they do still have their place. There is nothing like handing out a tactile business card or receiving an invitation in the mail. When a print piece is appropriate, it must be a part of your consistent business branding.

Product based businesses face even more challenges and opportunities in reinforcing their brand. With consistent application of logo, colours, graphics, fonts and message, product packaging can lead to thousands of opportunities to tell your story and get customers for life.

website + marketing

Let’s face it, every business needs a website. It is the contemporary version of the company brochure. If anyone wants to find you or find out about you, you will get Googled! It’s the place people will come to decide if you are the place/thing/person they are looking for.

There is so much potential on the internet that can be harnessed to increase traffic, increase retention and, ultimately, convert to sales. We can develop a comprehensive marketing plan that involves every aspect of your branding message and gets it out to the people you want to sell to.

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we become vested in your project. it's a relationship

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    It’s a great way to get to know each other. We like to start here to get to know you and your design needs, timeline and budget. If it feels good, and we think we can serve your business, we can move forward from there. After our initial chat, a design brief will be drawn up along with an estimate of cost and timeline involved. If everything is accepted, we will sign a contract, receive a deposit and get to work.

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    Once officially contracted to work, we roll up our sleeves and dig in. We have a comprehensive outline that needs to be worked through by both you and pylon - some collaboratively and some independently. On our side, we will delve deeply into the workings of your company, your industry and your ideal client. Knowing where you are now and how far you want to go gives us the information we need to produce our comprehensive design plan from which the creation flows.

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    Now that we have the know-how on everything you, it's time to create. We start with a sketchpad and work up lots of ideas. Some end up in the trash and some morph into options, refining and refining until we hit the eureka point. This is a major touchpoint where we present you with our solution for the design project. Usually there is one solution but sometimes there are options. Every situation and business is different and we work closely with you to know the right answer for your business. Once the design is approved and signed off, we receive a second payment instalment and we start production.

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    Now we build. The production phase varies depending on the project at hand, but we are basically building all of the technical aspects. Preparation of digital versions of logos, usage guidelines, prepress for print jobs, website construction, etc. all happen now. When they are complete, they are presented to you, you sign off, pay the final instalment and assets are released - either physically handed over to you and/or become “live” online.

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we are pylon

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If you have a project you want to talk about, please email or call us. We'd love to hear from you!


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